Turkey Dinner - Vinyl LP

Turkey Dinner - Vinyl LP

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Pinky Pinky’s debut album, Turkey Dinner, is a patchwork quilt of garage rock and oddball indie. It's rooted in classic bass, drums, guitar, but it's bolstered by the perspectives of a trio of Los Angeles youths writing about their everyday observations, anxieties and passions. During an era of limitless distractions, societal pressures and sonic trends, the three best friends - Anastasia, Eva and Isabelle - are focused on being happy and blissful on the outside of all that noise.

Release Date: June 14 from Innovative Leisure


  1. My Friend Sean
  2. Mystery Sedan
  3. Floorboards
  4. Lady Dancer
  5. Applecheeks
  6. Do Me Dirty (Charlie)
  7. Mr. Sunday
  8. All The Birds
  9. If It Didn't Hurt
  10. Sticking Around
  11. Loose Change